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So many people act like the language we use doesn’t matter. They gaslight others into thinking that it’s okay that we have holidays to celebrate human traffickers (Columbus Day).

They get mad at people trying to make more space through words for the marginalized and the oppressed.

Women are constantly reminded of our subjugation through language.

But, we are…

Relationships are complex animals.

If you’ve read more of my writing, you know that I’m talking about relationships in general. This includes the ones you have with your parents, with your friends, siblings, partner, etc.

What does it take to keep a relationship alive?

What kinds of relationships deserve to…

You can be an amazing woman, an incredible person, and it still won’t get you the respect you deserve from someone who is incapable of providing it.

You can show up for them, fight against your own logical side, and you will still get nowhere.

The thing is- even if…

Estelle Getty, the actor who gained fame through her role as Sophia Petrillo on The Golden Girls, was once on a television show where she quipped that she was a feminist before it became popular.

She was a feminist because she worked and she had a family.

But if you’ve…

Mary was killed.
when the call came, I saw the news first on my mother’s face
her eyebrows dipped at the bridge of her nose.

there is another mother in Pakistan who has lost her mind.
she waits for her son to come home
to at least call and laugh the…

Rebeca Ansar | blog and articles in An Amygdala

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