You Can’t Have Inclusivity Without Exclusion

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Antonio Garcia Martinez, author of his autobiography Chaos Monkeys, is the controversial hire. In his book, he documents his sexist and misogynistic beliefs about women.

Martinez was recently hired in Apple’s Adtech department. For me, it took just a quick Google search to learn about his history of sexism, misogyny, and general lack of moral fiber. I wonder why the hiring team couldn’t find this information.

Maybe their internet was down.

His claim is that most women in the Bay Area are , “soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite their claims of worldliness, and generally full of shit.”


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I entered my thirties in the middle of a harrowing emotional storm. That year, I was forced to deal with a loss that made me feel like I had been plunged into a void. I was in constant emotional agony, and nobody could help me out of it. Maybe one day I’ll write more about my grief, but even after more than two years, I’m not ready.

I won’t force myself to be ready either. It isn’t conducive to my healing.

My grief did work as a sort of reset. Something instrumental changed for me across the past two years…

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Once, at a gathering, I was introduced to a man who had been a startup founder. I’m not sure how far he got with his “founding”, but I remember one of the things he said to me.

He said that while he worked hard to hire female engineering talent, the women he interviewed just weren’t up to snuff.

They couldn’t hack it.

I have been in tech my entire career, and now I am in a Data Science Master’s program. …

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It has been a brutal few weeks. My time felt like dough stretched to its limits.

Can you tell I have pizza on my mind? Anyway-

My partner and I moved to a different city, I had several end of semester assignments, and while I am enormously happy that I got vaccinated, each dose did a number on my body (Still categorically worth it. Thank you everyone who made the COVID vaccines possible!)

Yesterday, I submitted my last big school assignment and breathed a tentative sigh of relief. …

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